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    Mike Sowa commented  · 

    Hi Russ,

    My request and needs are specific to the existing Email Confirmations functionality: Order Confirmations and Shipment Confirmations. Ideally we'd like the Order Confirmations to go to as many email addresses that are in the customer mailing address tab in the email field, working like Outlook or other email programs where you separate additional recipient emails with a comma or semicolon.

    Shipment confirmations and the attached invoices we produce using your existing functionality would go to the billing tabs email address. Additional recipients (such as the purchaser) could be added here as well by using the same intuitive comma, and/or semicolon approach.

    I realize adding existing email addresses to the main mailing tab could potentially affect individual and mass emails, but I honestly do not use those features as much as I probably should so I would have to rely on you to make the best decision to go with my existing field recommendations on both the mailing and billing tab versus an approach where you would create two additional fields that email and shipment confirmations would pull from that supported multiple addresses and potentially using the comma, semicomma approach.

    Either way, I think a solution attacking the confirmations seem to be what most commenters are asking for and would greatly improve communication with our customers and add value to CMS.

    Mike Sowa supported this idea  ·